The body calls for eating and drinking // The soul calls for aesthetic // What the body necessitates the soul celebrates.

KJ Pottery is a small, Spokane based, one-woman operation, owned and operated by Kelsey Jo Johnson. Kelsey makes hand crafted ceramics, primarily food-focused functional wares. KJP was birthed from Kelsey’s love for the craft, her desire to create wares that are simple, usable, and ultimately that bring people together. Ceramics and clay are elements that were born from the physical necessity to eat and drink off of clean and durable wares. This physical necessity and human experience is still true today. Kelsey's motivation behind her wares is that what our body necessitates our soul celebrates. Thus simplicity and functionality is the intent behind each piece. KJ Pottery specializes in custom dinnerware sets and wholesale wares for restaurants and coffee shops.

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